I did not receive a confirmation email when I registered. I cannot log in.

A confirmation email will be sent from the following address
1. please add a setting to allow the above email address.
2. please make sure that it is not in your spam mail.

if you are using the mailing list on Google Groups, you may not receive the email.

In that case, please check the contents of the following article
  1. In Google Admin
  1. Reports → Audit → Mail Log
  1. Find the email in Pending Messages and allow it individually.
if that does not work, please use a different email address.

I can't log in.

Failed to get document because the client is offline.
If you get the above message and login fails, please check if you are not using a VPN or other means.
It is possible that the authentication for the Firebase service used internally in Wraptas is being blocked by a VPN or other security function, so please try logging in with it turned off.
If you are unable to change your email address and are unable to log in, please log out and reset your email address from the following screen.