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Please contact us with your site ID and email address registered with Wraptas ☺️.
If your question is related to a display problem, please let us know the OS and browser version of the device on which you reproduced the problem.

Basic Functionality

Sample CSS collection for copy and paste2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 6:49I want to set up Wraptas in a subdirectory of my site.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:04Notes on site registration, want to change or delete your site ID2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:33I want the footer to look like a links list.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:35I want a redirect from after setting up my own domain.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:36I want to keep the site private until it is ready to go public; even if I make the Notion side of the site private, the site content will remain.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:37How is the URL for each page determined?2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:37I want to set up in-page links.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:39I want my email software to launch when I click on a link.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:43Is a free plan acceptable for Notion?2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:44I want to update the site cache. At what interval will it be updated?2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:45


I did not receive a confirmation email when I registered. I cannot log in.2022/10/18 7:472022/10/18 8:21

About Billing

I want to cancel my payment information or cancel my service.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:46I need a receipt.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:46I want to operate multiple sites.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 7:47


I want to place a form2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 8:38I want to customize the design & add or set fonts.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 8:44I would like a comment function.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 8:48I want to add a hamburger menu (I want the menu for smartphones to remain visible on PCs).2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 8:48I want to customize error/404 pages.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 8:54

SEO / Access Analysis

I want to be indexed in Google Search and registered in Search Console.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 8:54It is time-consuming to register pages one by one in Google Search Console, and I want to register a sitemap.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 8:54I want to place a sitemap for SEO purposes.2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 8:55I want to embed structured markup (JSON-LD) for SEO2022/6/30 6:142022/10/18 8:55