I want to update the site cache. At what interval will it be updated?

Regarding the cache.
1. cache on Notion side
2. cache on the Wraptas side
There are two types of caches.
The cache on the Notion side is rarely updated, and we have no control over this, but the cache on the Wraptas side returns the cache once it is accessed, but behind the scenes, the cache is updated by retrieving data from Notion.
Therefore, once accessed, the information should be new when accessed tens of seconds later.
In that case
  1. if the access interval is short, the next access occurs before the cache is updated, returning the cache as old
  1. fail to retrieve or store data on the back side and fail to update to the new data
  1. old data is returned on the Notion side and is not updated
  1. the Notion page has been changed to private.
In the case of the above, the data will not be updated.
If you have accessed the site more than a few times and the site has not been updated for several days, the possibility of item 2 is high.
Please contact us with the URL so that we can investigate the problem individually.
In addition, the site information displayed in the preview on the administration page is not cached, but always retrieved and stored on the Notion side (which is also reflected on the public site).
Therefore, if the cache is not being updated, please try viewing the corresponding page in the preview on the administration page.