I want to be indexed in Google Search and registered in Search Console.

Wraptas sites will be indexed (i.e. appear in search results) by Google. (You can try searching for "notion web site" to see if your Wraptas site comes up).
If you have many links (links from other sites), your site will be indexed automatically, but you need to register your newly created site using Google's tool called Google Search Console.
If you have any questions regarding search rankings, please contact us and we will do our best to respond to your request.

Register your site with Google Search Console

  1. access the above site and register a new site
  1. select URL prefix: enter your site URL
  1. select HTML tag as the site registration method
  1. paste the copied meta tag into the Wraptas admin page → design edit → html edit (head)
  1. go to the site and confirm the reflection of 3.
  1. click the confirm button on the screen in 3 to complete the registration
  1. register the site URL by URL inspection
  1. click "Request Index Registration
  1. after a few days, the registration will be completed.

To check if the site is indexed correctly

You can check whether your site is registered or not by performing a Google search using , regardless of its ranking.