Notes on site registration, want to change or delete your site ID

  • Site IDs cannot be changed later.
  • At this time, one user can register multiple sites, but if multiple sites are registered during the trial period, the trial must be terminated and payment made.
  • Sites can be deleted from the "Advanced Settings" menu in the Data Editor.
  • Since Notion's official API is not yet publicly available, the website is made in the form of scraping. Therefore, the Notion share page itself must be made public. Also, please be sure to use only your own content.
  • For the above reasons, the page needs to be made public, but because the content will be duplicated on the Wraptas site, please turn off the "Allow Internet Searches (Search Engine Index)" option available in the Pro plan. Technically, it is possible to guess the URL of the original Notion, so please do not allow edits and comments as well.