Class Name List for CSS

Classes assigned to the div surrounding the entire page

The div that surrounds the entire page is given the class, and each page is given its own class.
The class is assigned to the top page.
For pages with permalinks, the URL string of the permalink is applied, like . If no permalink is specified, the page ID, which is also the URL, is assigned.

Class according to the breadcrumb list

The div that surrounds the entire page is also given a class that starts with according to the breadcrumb list.
For example, if you want to apply a style to an individual page under the blog page under the top page, you can write css like this.

Class assigned to the header

Basically is the full screen width, so you can use to align the width with the content.

Class assigned to cover image

Classes that enclose content

Title Area

  • Page Icons
  • Breadcrumbs list
  • Page Title
  • Page date and time
These are classes assigned to sections and divs surrounding the title area, including

Page icon in title section



and are included in . If you want to display only the date, specify for .

div surrounding the content with section delimiters


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