Site Template & Design Theme

This Notion template is designed for use with Wraptas, and can be used with the Wraptas design theme to create your own website without the hassle of customization.
Site Template & Design Theme Functions

How to use

  1. open the template you wish to use in the template list
  1. go to the original Notion page from the “このページを複製" menu at the top
  1. copy the page to your Notion page from "Duplicate" in the upper right corner of the Notion menu
  1. select "Publish" from the menu and copy the URL to publish the copied page.
  1. go to "Create Site" or "Edit Site Info" in the Wraptas admin page, set the URL in 4 to the top page and save it.
  1. Go to "Edit Site Design" and select "Apply Design Theme" to apply the theme of your choice and save it.
  1. If your site has child pages, it is recommended to add a permalink for each of them to make the URL easier to understand.

important point

  • Please note that the design theme will be modified slightly from time to time, so please be careful when applying individual customizations.
  • Additional customization CSS will be written in the form of further overrides from the design theme, but please confirm the level of detail individually.
  • The design theme will be created so that it can be used with the dark theme.

Opinions and requests

  • If you want kind of design theme/website template! Please contact us.